mitotes por eco de la montaña


Hikuli Neixa , Namawita Neixa and Tatei Neixa Huichol are the main parties known as mitotes or Neixa . These festivals take place in a tukipa ( ceremonial center) and a xiriki ( shrine center).

Mitotes takes just under three principal moments of maize cultivation cycle : preparation coamil , the sow and the preparation of the first fruits .

One feature of this festival is that for one or more days shaman chants and dances are performed. In these songs , the shaman talks to the different deities and seeks to convince to help solve the problems of those present and send prevent any disease .

During the holidays feathered wands, crystals and mirrors are used.

In most of these festivals , it takes its culmination when sacrificing an animal that is held during sunrise. The blood of animals is the food of the gods and allows the transmission of the prayers that people make to their gods. Therefore, the blood of the slaughtered animal is smeared offerings.

These festivities take place in five points marking the Huichol sacred geography. These points together form a cross-shaped diamond , which is a cosmological symbol of Huichol culture . The five sites are: the hill Pariteka , Waxiewe , Xapawiyeme , Hauxamanaka and Teakata .

Specifically of the three major parties that were mentioned earlier in this text, shamanic singing is more complex because several episodes of the creation of the world and the lives of ancestors deidificados narrated.

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