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“Echo Mountain ” Nicolas Echevarria ; respect for ancestors

Statements by the director

Since the beginning of my career in the film industry, he Documenting been very interested in the world of Mexican indigenous cultures. This! It has never been from the perspective of the UN ethnologist or anthropologist UN-but precisely from the director of the UN. I was born in Tepic, Nayarit, land of the Cora and Huichol villages; I lived long periods between them in the mountains and became familiar with his life and customs. Developed UN primary interest in the colorful culture of the Huichol, and especially how passionate in defending the preservation of their traditions, despite the constant harassment of the “modern world”, which has become a threat paragraph Do Survival.

Live a life of seclusion in the heart of the mountains has its ups and downs: A lot of people do not have electricity in their homes, access to health care, education, or an even neighbors. From This is the way in which they have conquered their autonomy. From seems paradoxical that many of them have to travel, work and study away from their land, but this does not mean that they have forgotten or lost your identity as “real people”, which is the term used to define themselves para. This is the case of Santos de la Torre, Cuyo is Motoapohua Huichol name, which translates as “Echo of the Mountain”.

Santos is an artist one, which for the Huichol people means you have a gift of God.

The creation of a work of art is a religious practice; Prayer and the key to the divine, the UN mirror that reflected the gods look interlaced with the devotion of the artist, the UN Instrument paragraph look out the truth. Through art it is an infinitesimal part of the Light of the world can achieve v.

This documentary talks about the relationship between “Mesa del Venado” Santos ranch in the heart of the mountains, and Paris, the heart of cultural life in Europe. Discusses the religious art of the Huichol people and frivolity of contemporary art.

About what is human and what replaces it. As Huichol, Santos believes that men have to feed and care for one their gods to protect and support once the Humanity. This is slander in the protection of the planet and the Holy Land. Mediation between the two poles is the responsibility of man and the environment consists of the offerings and life itself. A Change, the gods will give us rain, crops, health and wisdom. * Nicolas Echevarria

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